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pr99 Barrier Cream also used as a Skin Care Cream...Essential for
pr99 It's a water resistant skin barrier lotion applied before work begins or as a treatment for very dry skin at any time. pr99 provides a barrier against water and other aqueous substances, such as soaps, detergents, coolants, chemicals, acids, bacteria, herbicides, pesticides, fertilizers, concrete, mortar, disinfectants, drilling and cutting emulsions, lye, tensides, wood preservatives, galvanic solutions, etc. PR99 sets in approx. 2 minutes after application and renders the skin essentially water repellent. pr99 exfoliates from the skin in approx. 3-4 hours.
pr99 is non-toxic, safe and hypoallergenic, and may be safely applied to any body part; it has been dermatologically tested and found to be safe as a serious health and safety product
Healthy skin consists of dead, hardened skin cells, which are surrounded by water, various lipids, oils, acids, and salts. This hydrolipic layer is also known as the acid shield because of it's low pH, and it forms a natural protective outer skin, which is flexible, keeps out micro organisms and dangerous substances, reduces physical damage, and retains moisture. When water comes into contact with skin the components of this layer disintegrate. This process is accelerated, when the water is warm, contains detergents, and when there is prolonged exposure. Such washed out skin distends and loses its natural biological and physical protective function
pr99 provides protection from water which is the medium, that carries dangerous organisms and substances into the lower skin cells. It's effective for approx. 3 hours after application (less if heavy abrasive demands are made on the skin). pr99 is also recommended to be worn under gloves to provide valuable secondary protection against acid burns should the gloves develop pin holes or fail altogether. pr99 goes unto the skin smooth and pleasantly. It's found to be very effective for the treatment of very dry skin.
USES OF pr99
Nursing, Dentistry, MD's, food and beverage handlers, housekeeping, nursery, gardening, farming, dairy operations, machine shops, concrete workers, wood working, chemical operations, sewage treatment, textile workers, cleaning staff. Skin protector against diaper rash in infants, seniors, and hospital patients
# pr99-100 ml (3.5 fl.oz.)
# pr99-1L. (33.8 fl.oz.)
Some Applications for pr99
Manufacturing   Nursing   Aircraft Mechanican
Machinist   Cleaning   Painting
Laboratory   Kitchen   Car Mechanican
Chemicals   Food Industry   Furnace
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